Your experience, translated into unparalleled value, equals profitable opportunities.
Marty’s proven formula for strategic résumé development presents you as the vital solution employers seek. Your new résumé and cover letter position you for the ultimate career satisfaction.

Résumé Development

Strategic Packaging and Branding Delivers Exceptional Results

Your branded résumé is worth its weight in gold, especially when it packages and positions you as a “must interview” candidate. As an executive, think the about ROI criteria you usually expect from a business investment. If your resume were a similar business investment, what would you need to see as a return to feel it was a good decision? 20%? 30%? 50%? Most executives see a minimum 100% – 200% ROI on their professional branded resume in their first paycheck.

Cover Letter Marketing Package
Your résumé without a dynamic cover letter is like a best-seller without a cover. Package includes three versions of letter, one each directed toward companies, recruiters, and answering advertisements.

LinkedIn Profile
If you are a serious job seeker, LinkedIn is no longer optional-it is a must, as 70 to 80% of all recruiters and more than 50% of companies use LinkedIn as a primary source for top talent. If you are online, you have surely heard of LinkedIn. In fact, there are more than 105 million users in the U.S. and worldwide. We will develop or redevelop your LinkedIn profile replete with rich content, keywords, and your brand. Includes free LinkedIn Job Search Training Guide (a $50.00 value).

One-Page Networking Résumé
A concise, impact-driven version of your full 2- or 3-page executive résumé, essential for networking meetings, presentations, or other scenarios when the full résumé would be overkill.

Executive Biography
Your biography may be requested by your new employer to use in their marketing materials or website. Your bio is a must if you conduct speaking engagements or seek a Board of Directors appointment.

Board of Director Résumé
Specially prepared one-page document for securing highly desirable board positions.

Proprietary Executive Recruiter and Private Equity/Venture Capital Distribution
Great way to jumpstart your job search, tap the hidden job market, and get your résumé into the hands of the decision makers. Our exclusive proprietary system features a database with more than 16,000 recruiters and 3,000 VC/Private Equity firms nationwide. Can open you up to the hidden job market.  Click here for more information.

Job Search and Career Coaching
Looking for an edge in this tight job market? Learn little-known strategies for every step of your job search that will help you land your next position . . . faster. Having an effective job search action plan combined with cutting-edge tools will help you step ahead of the competition to get noticed, impress interviewers, and land your next career move at the salary you deserve . . . faster.