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  • You’ve made a career of delivering top- and bottom-line results—how clear is that to prospective employers?
  • Have your accomplishments been optimized to differentiate you and provide a predictor of your next success?
  • Does your brand show you as one of the “go to” people in your industry?

My clients achieve a 98% interview-winning success rate through my personal, hands-on approach developed through more than 25 years as an industry-leading career strategist, resume writer, and personal branding professional.

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Martin Weitzman

Recognized Career Industry Thought Leader
Certified Reach Personal Branding Specialist
Nationally Certified Résumé Writer
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Career Mastery Award

“Martin Weitzman NCRW, CPBS, IJCTC, and CPRW of Gilbert Résumés . . . has been writing exceptional résumés for more than 20 years and is one of the best writers in the industry. He helped found the National Résumé Writers’ Association, and has always been on the leading edge . . . Way to go, Marty. Thanks for being the visionary and expert that you are!”

Susan Whitcomb, Executive Director
Career Management Alliance

Corporations DO judge a book by its cover!


If corporations fill executive positions from the top echelon of candidates, then why are executives with an average career track selected over peers with four times the accomplishments?

Is it their résumé?

Strategic packaging and positioning delivers exceptional results.

Your branded résumé is worth its weight in gold, especially when it packages and positions you as a “must interview” candidate. As an executive, think about the ROI criteria you usually expect from a business investment. If your resume were a similar business investment, what would you need to see as a return to feel it was a good decision? 20%? 30%? 50%?

Most executives see a minimum 100% – 200% ROI on their professional branded resume in their first paycheck.

You’ll find many writers who boast executive quality, but Marty—the executive’s choice—has earned a solid reputation for taking his clients to the top of the candidate short list. His more than 25 years of experience and credentialing as one of the first certified branding coaches in the career services industry ensures that he knows what key decision makers look for above all else, and how to position you for the short list.

While not everyone qualifies to work with Marty, if you are a fit for his exclusive services, you will have his wisdom, experience, and savvy at your command.

You are a skilled executive, outstanding at what you do, but job search is unknown territory. You know friends and associates who have been in job search mode for months and even years. The key to avoiding that fate is to have one of the top professionals in the career industry in your corner.

Why not put your career in the hands of the résumé professional with more LinkedIn recommendations than any other executive résumé writer.

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Marty Weitzman
Strategic investment, big returns!

Executive Resume Writer

“Our clients receive interviews almost immediately and find positions in 50% less time than average. I’d love to do the same for you.”
—Marty Weitzman

Is your résumé getting interviews or is it just one of the hundreds sitting in the reject file?

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